About My Instruction

Yoga offers tremendous benefits at the physical and physiological levels including stress relief, increased strength & flexibility and inner peace. As a yoga teacher, I offer personalized alignment instruction that reflects the innate intelligence of the body, integrated with a practical yoga philosophy that empowers the student to embrace a healthy life balance. With a small intimate studio environment, I am able to guide each student in their practice based on their specific physical condition, ability and limitations.

My class runs the gamut, from an aligned vinyasa flow to Yoga4Athletes and everything in between. Although the formats are different, students will leave feeling healthier, refreshed and integrated physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually. My instruction style aims to build my student’s body intelligence and mind wisdom.

The intimate studio design allows students to practice together as a community enabling each class to set an intention to grow together, support one another, and inspire each other in order to deepen our practice. We learn from each other as we encourage and celebrate our successes.

Many people prefer and benefit from a more customized private instruction as opposed to classes. My personalized yoga instruction is tailored to your body and your needs. If you are new to yoga, have a busy schedule, prefer individual instruction, want to deepen your practice or need help recovering from an injury or illness, then private yoga lessons are ideal for you.

Contact me for more details on pricing and package options. I will work with you to design a lesson or series that meets your needs.